FRAGMENTS: A Folio of Independent Theatre Works

Tickets are now available to see FRAGMENTS: A Folio of Independent Works! This Festival was conceived and created by the 3rd year theatre cohort of UniSQ, and features a collection of three one-person shows, performed by the acting students. All aspects of the production are designed and executed by the students themselves. Limited tickets are available, so don’t miss out! Follow the link to book yours.

Running in the UniSQ Concert Hall, Toowoomba from 5th-7th of June.

The Illumination of Janice Mills

This exhibition invites the audience to engage with artworks on a new level. Traditionally, viewers are not permitted to touch art in galleries; however, in this case, the sense of touch accompanies sight in an exploration of the amalgamation of painting and sculptural techniques. As the title indicates, natural and artificial light are included as mediums to introduce form, highlights and shadow to art with which an audience can physically connect.

These artworks also take Janice on a new, challenging path of exploration in her practice, which has previously concentrated on depicting the Australian landscape, to a place where she dares to be limited only by her imagination.

Image: Janice Mills, The Illumination of Janice Mills (2023)


Graduart is an annual art exhibition that showcases artworks from graduating Visual Art students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The works represent a broad cross-section of emerging contemporary art practice, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and mixed media work.

Opening at 5:30pm Friday November 8th

image: Kristen Flynn, Self Portrait – the maternal with dead bird, 2023

Telling Tales: Art as Personal Narrative

Telling Tales is a postgraduate and staff exhibition exploring the role of fiction as creative re-imaginings within personal art narrative research. The exhibition highlights a person-centred research approach within creative arts practice and its concerns for how fiction can provide insights into individual histories and notions of wellbeing.

Opening at 5.30pm on 20th September

Image: Linda Clark, Strange Comfort Grown (2023)

Future Visions 14

Future Visions is an annual art award for high school students across the Darling Downs and Southeast Queensland.  It showcases the diverse, dynamic, and emerging professional approaches to artmaking currently being created by Years 10, 11 and 12 students in the region.  This will be the thirteenth year of the exhibition, which continues to attract a high calibre of emerging artists creating exciting and innovative art.

Opening at 5.30pm on Friday 9th August

Image: Roma Aarons, Shutter Symphony (after Shoenheimer) Diptych 2023