Creative Arts Honours

Creative Arts Honours

Creative Arts Honours

Creative Arts Honours

Creative Arts Honours

Creative Arts Honours


Creative Arts Honours students acquire the ability to research independently, apply theory, and develop creative and academic expertise in their chosen fields. The program will extend students’ appreciation of the cultural contributions offered by the creative arts to local and regional communities in Australia. The program accommodates supervisory focus across discipline specialisations including: Film, Television & Radio, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Creative Arts and Wellness.


1-year Full Time

2-years Part Time





5.0 or Above

Credit Points


Study Areas

USQ Film and Screen Production - Film Production Major

Film, Television and Radio

USQ Bachelor of Visual Arts


USQ Music Degree Music Practice Major


USQ Bachelor of Visual Arts - Studio Practice

Visual Art

Student Experience

During your Honours study, you’ll develop your advanced academic and creative practice, digging deeper into your area of interest. Work with a UniSQ academic to realise your next project – make a body of creative work, and explore and document your creative practice.

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USQ Visual Art Alumni - Amy Knie

Amy Knie

Digital Artist & Academic

USQ Honours Alumni - Jessica Betts

Jessica Betts

Musician & Music Teacher

USQ Alumnus Music - Bonnie Green

Bonnie Green


Amy Knie

For the last three and a half years, Amy has been working as an educator in the digital media field at USQ and is currently teaching in the disciplines of graphic design, 3D modeling, computer animation and visual effects. In 2016 she completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Business, for which see received distinctions and two Faculty Medals. She then continued her study and in April 2020, she graduated with first-class honours for her research in methodologies for selecting animation software for use in education contexts. Her interests are in material authoring, which is the process of developing digital materials and surfaces for applying to 3D models used in games and screen. She enjoys working with Photoshop, Quixel Mixer and creating procedurals workflows in Substance Designer.

Jessica Betts

After completing the Bachelor of Creative Arts I found myself exploring the possibilities of piano teaching techniques for students with ADHD. Undertaking the Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours program provided me with great support and opportunity to research this area with qualified and experienced supervisors, while furthering my education. I have found that the lecturers at USQ are highly respected in their field and go out of their way to provide support and care for their students. This experience allowed me to develop confidence in my practicing knowledge and research skills. Both the Bachelor of Creative Arts and Honours programs were an enjoyable experience where I felt nurtured and guided – two factors that I believe have had a huge impact on the success I have had both academically and professionally. The collaboration between cohorts and community feeling allows students to feel safe learning styles outside of their comfort zone, creating a persistence and resilience which is key to working in the industry. I can confidently say that the friendships and connections I have made during these degrees not only supported me throughout the courses, but will be life-long connections. I found the team of lecturers in the Bachelor of Creative Arts program to be not just educators. The time, effort and support they put into the coursework and the students is completely unique and what sets the program apart. I have adapted many of the practices and theories taught to me in these degrees in my own teaching studio and find the mix of traditional and contemporary teaching methods and information to be relevant and effective. These degrees have allowed me to create a diverse professional network that continues to provide job opportunities and options for professional development.

Bonnie Green

Music has always been a part of who Bonnie is. She graduated from USQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in Music and is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy in piano pedagogy, specifically focusing on creative music-making and learning.

Pursuing tertiary studies in music at USQ has opened doors for Bonnie to work as a performer, piano teacher, accompanist and musical director. Through studying, Bonnie has also discovered her talent and passion for improvising, composing and arranging, recording her own music and helping other artists record their albums. With initial plans to study Journalism, Bonnie found her way back to music after living in Denmark as an exchange student, where her love for music was rekindled through exposure to genres such as funk, pop and jazz.

Overcoming personal challenges of self-confidence, breaking away from false humility and recognising that she is good at what she enjoys, Bonnie runs to pursue her passion as a career, continue learning and desires to share her talent and knowledge with others.

‘My biggest motivator is confidence in myself, in my talent and in my skill, and acknowledging that this is not prideful or egotistical. Positive self-regard is really important for anyone who wants to make a mark in the industry.’

Why Choose Honours?

Creative Arts Honours students develop and realise a research-driven project in their chosen disciplines – or in an interdisciplinary space. Working with supervisors from the School of Creative Arts, Honours students produce a folio of creative work and exegesis, or focus on a dissertation exploring their chosen field.

What You'll Do

UniSQ’s Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours is designed to give space for students to develop as creative researchers. Previous students have: recorded an album of original music, developed a script for a film, written a solo work for theatre, prepared an article for publication based on their research.